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General Etiquette

Would I say that in person?

If the answer is no, don't type it in on your keyboard!

For some reason people mistakenly think it is OK to be rude or disrespectful when behind a keyboard and screen. Just ask yourself, would I say this to their face? If not, why are you saying it all? Showing disrespect or rudeness in a written format simply showcases your embarrassing misstep for all to see. Don't be that guy.


Yours & Others

Damaging the reputation of a brother is a masonic offense in every jurisdiction I have ever been to. There is no difference that can exist among brothers that requires one brother to resort to a public forum for resolution. When someone does this, it tends to destroy their own reputation, not the target thereof. Many expelled masons have taken to the public forum out of anger and resentment. This tends to make them look like angry children who were told to go to their rooms. Don't find yourself among them.

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This page was authored by the Past Master of a regular, recognized masonic lodge. The contents of this page are not based on any grand lodge policy, it is based on simple respect and logic. If you feel something on this page is misstated, or could be stated more clearly, please let us know.

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